Ania Haie Coins Verginia Sun Necklace N009-05

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Inspired by ancient Roman symbol, add this medallion chain necklace to your wardrobe for instant shine.

The Sun symbol represents life abundance and its warmth radiates healing and peace. The sun was freed and given back to the earth by the Raven, who released it out of it confining box. Since then it has given all human kind warmth, light and life. The sun jewellery such as sun necklaces, the theory is that this warmth and light radiates from you.

- Material: 925 sterling silver with rhodium, 14kt gold plating or 14kt rose gold plating

- Dimensions: Necklace - 455mm with 50mm extension; Coin diameter: 16mm

Sub-Category: Mid-Length Necklaces
Trends: Coins