Thomas Sabo Jewellery Bright Gold-Coloured Hummingbird Wing Earrings TH2103Y

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- Colourful wing earrings in dazzling rainbow colours with yellow gold plating
- Unusual look with colourful pav' stone embellishment
- Inspired by the wings of a hummingbird

Individual statement ear jewellery: Create a real eye-catcher with the rainbow effect of these stunning earrings! The winged earrings are decorated by hand in a pav' technique with 116 colourful stones. The ear stud itself is adorned by a hand-cut navette stone with an iridescently dazzling opal look. The back of the wing is decorated with an artistic feather relief.  Silver colour is available too.
Clasp: Push back
Height: 4.8 cm
Materials: 18k yellow gold plating; 925 Sterling silver
Stones: Glass-ceramic stone; synthetic corundum red; zirconia amethyst-coloured; zirconia pink; zirconia white
Width: 1.2 cm
Article number: H2103-488-7

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