Thomas Sabo Jewellery Butterfly Pendant Small TPE897Y

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Magic butterfly chain pendant
- Two-tone design is worked from two levels
- Silver frame with detailed moon and star cut-outs
- Adorned with numerous facetted stones, held in place by bezel and claw settings
- Fine claw settings hold the inlay at the back
- Gold-plated inlay with very bright, matt surface
- Back surprises with fine moon and star engravings
- Handcrafted in a time-intensive process
Clasp: Eyelet
Height: 2.5 cm
Materials: 18k yellow gold plating; 925 Sterling silver; blackened
Stones: Zirconia violet; zirconia brown; glass-ceramic stone; synthetic spinel light blue
Width: 3 cm
Article number: PE897-556-7

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