Thomas Sabo Jewellery Bead Parrot TK0288

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Bead Parrot TK0288

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- 925 Sterling silver, blackened
- glass-ceramic stone turquoise, synthetic corundum red, zirconia black, zirconia orange
- black, orange, pink, green enamelled

- Tropical-mystical statement
- Artistic, three-dimensional design
- Handcrafted perfection

The parrot Bead is intended to bring colour to life and provide guidance through the jungle of life. Artistically decorated with stone embellishment and cold enamel, the piece of jewellery sparkles in every detail with its colourfulness.

Height: 1.3 cm
Materials: 925 sterling silver; blackened; black; orange; pink; green enamelled
Stones: Glass-ceramic stone turquoise; synthetic corundum red; zirconia black; zirconia orange
Width: 1.1 cm
Article number: K0288-340-7

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